The CASP – Mozambique Investment Summit will take place in a context in which the country registers an economic recovery and has to position themselves in order to deal with the demand from major projects, the evolution of the domestic economic framework and its integration in the regional spectrum and global.
The current challenges have taken a different posture and have become big opportunities for business, and CASP – Mozambique Investment Summit is expected to materialize these opportunities through interaction with more than 20 financial development institutions and the local entrepreneurs & international, expecting to reach more than 2000 participants per day.
The CASP – Mozambique Investment Summit will take place from May 5th to 7th, 2020, at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Center, and will be attended by the Mozambican Government, National and International Entrepreneurs.



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Meetings B2B and G2B

High-level meetings between members of the Mozambican Government and the private sector. Participants can confidentially discuss mutually beneficial cooperation agreements and explore investment partnerships.
Exchange of experience between national and international businesses as well as attract investment and potential partnerships.


A strategic networking lunch for high-level representatives of the government and the private sector, renowned individuals from academia and public figures. This allows participants to meet, to network and build business relationships.


Participants can continue to expand their network during the breakfast, or they can simply reconnect with old contacts in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.


Visa Regime
The entry into the territory of the Republic of Mozambique is conditional on pre obtaining a visa and the CTA can assist with the invitation letter and visa processing.

The Weather
The climate is tropical, influenced by the monsoons of the Indian Ocean and the warm current of the Mozambique channel.
The rainy season occurs between October and April. The average rainfall  in the mountains exceeds 2000 mm. The relative humidity is high, ranging from 70 to 80%, although the daily quantities oscillate between 10 and 90%.
The average temperatures vary between 20º C in the south, and the 26º C in the north, with higher figures during the rainy season.

To enter the country a vaccine against yellow fever is required, which must be confirmed by an international vaccination certificate. Although not mandatory, it is advisable also take vaccines against: Hepatitis A, hepatitis B and tetanus.
During the stay, measures to avoid mosquito bites must be taken.
Sunscreen is recommended for sunburn. Care should be taken with the water one drinks, preference should be given to bottled water. On the first symptom of sickness, search for the many hospitals, health centres or clinics..

The local currency is the Metical. The US Dollar, Euro and Rand are also accepted in many places. Credit cards and traveller cheques can also be used.


Official Language
Portuguese. English is generally understood and spoken.
Several Mozambican languages are common outside of urban areas.

For more information and registration, please contact us via email xviicasp@cta.org.mz.